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Why can't there be a better way to run envelopes?
There can...print the stock flat then let ECS do the conversion!!
Standard Envelope Types
A Style
A Style
A-style envelopes are constructed with a long, elegant square flap, hidden side seams and a shorter back. They are perfect for greeting cards, invitations and announcements.
Remittance envelopes have a wallet flap which provides a large printing area for order blanks or donation information. Used by charities, schools, churches and mail order companies, these envelopes are usually printed on both sides, which flat sheet printing and converting makes super easy.
Baronial envelopes, with their pointed flap, have a traditionally formal design well suited to invitations, promotions and formal correspondence.
Side Seam
Side Seam
Side seam envelopes have a straight flap with round or square corners, hidden side seams and a full back. Their more custom appearance is popular with designers. Printers appreciate the smaller one-up sheet size which has the best yield from a parent sheet.
Diagonal Seam
Diagonal Seam
Traditional commercial styling is used for many business and personal correspondence needs. Diagonal seams work best for automated inserting and postage metering. Nested multiple-up templates make flat sheet printing and converting very price effective.
Open End Catalog
Open End Catalog  
With the seal flap on the short end, these envelopes offer sturdy construction for mailing brochures and catalogs, and are more economical.
Open Side Booklet
Open Side Booklets  
Booklet envelopes have the flap on the long side and have a more formal appearance. They work well for machine inserting and are popular for sending large photos, statements and brochures.


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