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Why can't there be a better way to run envelopes?
There can...print the stock flat then let ECS do the conversion!!
Die Cutting Sheet Sizes Guides
Remember, the sheet sizes required for High Die cutting are different than those for Letterpress Die cutting. Generally high dies needs exactly 1/4" gripper on all four sides and letterpress needs a minimum 1/2" gripper. Click on the links below to find the right sheet size for your job.

If you don't find the envelope size you need, please contact us. We have Adjustable High Dies that can make odd size and square envelopes.

Specialty envelopes with custom flap designs, square envelopes and special sizes may also be made using a steel rule die for Letterpress cut. Need expert help? Just email us a pdf of your project.

High Die Cutting
High die cutting uses a 3" high large steel die to cut a lift of stock 150 to 200 sheets at one time. Because of the draw of the die as it travels through the lift, the cutting register can vary 1/16" in any direction. This is within Industry Standards. Bleeds must wrap 1/8" over the fold lines. Borders must be 1/4" away from the fold lines. Due to die cutting requirements, the sheet size and position on the sheet must follow the layout template. Please see our High Die Sheet Size Guide.

Letterpress Die Cutting
Letterpress die cutting uses a thin steel rule die to cut and score one sheet at a time. This method is used for those designs with a critical register of bleeds with a minimum of wrap over the fold and those with minimum image shift of borders or other design elements. Letterpress work must be printed one-up on a larger sheet than for high die cutting because more gripper area is needed. Please see our Letterpress Sheet Size Guide.

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